About Kearsarge Mountain Soaps and Sundries


My career making goat milk soap began in 1997 when my daughter started showing dairy goats at the local country fairs. The next thing you know: milk overload. That little girl is all grown up now but the soapmaking continues.

Today, we feature over one hundred products made right here at the base of Kearsarge Mountain in North Conway, a scenic little New Hampshire village in the heart of the Mount Washington Valley.

Rhun, our official pet product tester
Rhun, our Official Pet Product Tester

Rich in vitamins and minerals, goat milk is a miracle of nature that cannot be synthetically reproduced. Soap made with milk has a pH close to your skin making it the most gentle you can use. Click HERE to learn more about the benefits of goat milk soaps.

Each Kearsarge Mountain soap is hand made, hand cut, and hand packaged. Each is an individual work of art, so no two are exactly the same. Try them all and decide what your favorite is – click HERE to start shopping!

Love the skin you are in…
Kearsarge Mountain Soaps and Sundries will help you take the very best care of it. Promise!


Lori Bushey
President, Kearsarge Mountain Soaps and Sundries